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Program management

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Innovative health program design

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Grant writing and management

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Community health needs assessment

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Strategic planning and writing

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Policy design

Public Health Program Management 

LUMA has senior experience managing public health programs. We will assess program performance, recommend continuous quality improvements, manage communications, stakeholder involvement, provide solutions, and maintain program momentum.

Grant Writing and Reporting

LUMA has broad knowledge about the national healthcare landscape and public health programs. We align your policy and practice objectives with innovative and categorical funding opportunities. LUMA will identify funding sources, design programs, write grants, and solicit funding. Program design includes comprehensive assessment of infrastructure, budget development, milestone management, resource management, deliverables, reporting, and writing.

Innovative Health Program Design

LUMA will optimize your organization’s ability to formulate partnerships with payers, health systems, and providers. LUMA will position your organization to improve health and social outcomes for your population through shared health system accountability. 

Community Health Improvement

LUMA has senior experience in the community health needs assessment and stewardship of community resources. LUMA will work with leaders in the community to assess your community’s health needs, health and social resources, and prioritize integrated solutions for improvement and sustainability.

Policy Design

LUMA gets our clients in front of policy changes, manages the legislative process, and policy implementation. LUMA has advanced policy expertise in federal and state payment reform, opioid use disorder, maternal and child health, school health, infectious disease, advanced primary care, community health, and school-based healthcare. LUMA will deliver policy solutions that bridge the gap towards practice translation. 

Stakeholder Engagement

LUMA ensures health program design and management is built according to stakeholder needs. Solutions work when stakeholders are a part of the process.

Strategic Planning and Execution

LUMA will lead a strategic planning process for your Team and Programs. LUMA provides an attentive and focused strategic planning process for your organizational objectives, including change
management, employee empowerment, program quality improvement process, recommendations, mission, and vision.

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