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Jennifer Barnhart, MPH


LUMA Health Consulting was founded by Jennifer Barnhart. Jen is a high-performing, strategic-thinking leader with 20 years of experience in health improvement focused programs.

Jen brings broad sector experience to her clients through skilled program development, management, improvement, and execution. Jen has worked in progressive leadership roles in non-profit, academic and research, government, and health systems.

Her goals are to bring her clients high-functioning and sustainable solutions for their public and population health improvement objectives.


Ann Walsh

Public Health Consultant

Ann Walsh brings over 15 years of government and non-profit public health policy and practice to her work, with a focus on user and patient experience. She has led large-scale change management programs focusing on quality improvement, including Maryland's successful application for National Public Health Accreditation.

Her areas of expertise include federal and state funding, local health systems, Medicaid and Medicare, accreditation, and operations.

Ms. Walsh has an MHS from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, an undergraduate degree in Corporate Communications from James Madison University, and is a Certified Health Education Specialist.


Alice Bauman

Public Health Consultant

Alice Bauman is Masters trained from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She has experience in strategic planning for population health, health policy, and systems thinking. At the Maryland Department of Health she worked as a policy analyst and oversaw interagency efforts to coordinate violence prevention initiatives.

She served as Deputy Director of the Office of Population Health Improvement working on local health financing, health improvement processes, and integration of public health programming into healthcare transformation. Currently, she works on population health initiatives which bridge the gap between research and implementation for positive population health outcomes.


Sarah White

Public Health Consultant

Sarah White received her Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health this past spring. Since then, she has been working as a faculty Research Associate with the Department of Health Policy and Management studying opioid policy implementation across the United States. She also works in the Department’s StigmaLab, which assists state and local agencies and nonprofits in developing and studying evidence-based practices around stigma reduction for substance use disorders and medications for opioid use disorder.

Sarah, on behalf of LUMA, is supporting an analysis for a mid-course COVID-19 'After Action Report' for Howard County Health Department. She has previously worked for LUMA with the Garrett County Health Department/ Local Management Board to provide strategies on improving health related social needs for Opportunity Youth in their community.

Kevin Ramirez

Creative Officer

Kevin manages the creative operations of LUMA, including technology, communications, and design development.

Kevin is also the Co-founder of FactSumo.com and MyBinto.com, providing digital solutions for educational advancement and women's health.